This Month's Focus

Holistic Self-Improvement for the Mind, Body and Soul!

Check out this Amazing tree!  To pull off this dangling act, this tree needs strong, healthy roots, a sturdy trunk and branches with leaves that absorb the sun.  All three components have a job to do – and this lovely tree won’t flourish if they all don’t work together. 

Holistic self-improvement works the same way!  A healthy body supports our mind which feeds our soul – and a soul that’s flourishing keeps our mind engaged and motivates us to take care of our bodies. 


 When you subscribe to Your Amazing World, each month's you'll receive a core tool that emphasizes one of these essential areas. 

August Focus - Your Amazing Body!

This month's focus is learning to love and nourish your body for optimal weight and health - and to support your mind and soul!  Your Body life-tool is the unique and AMAZING Health Tracker

  • The Health Tracker includes space to track water, exercise, body love, food and more -  conveniently kept in one hard cover book that fits easily into your bag. 
  • Based on the nutrition and health tracking philosophies and recommendations of health leaders and revolutionaries such as Chris Kresser and Dr. Mark Hyman
  • The perfect companion to the Whole 30 or Whals Protocol and the ideal tool to meet you right where you’re at in your health journey. 
  • No weighing or measuring food or counting calories. 
  • Tune into your body to discover how your activities and the food you’re eating impact your health, mood, energy, and more! 
  • No perfect days required, no shame, no guilt just the motivation you need to nourish your body for optimal weight and health! 

“Food isn’t like medicine, it is medicine, and it’s our number one tool to create the vibrant health we deserve.” ~ Dr. Mark Hyman

Learn more about the core Soul and Mind life-tools in upcoming months!