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Amazing Subscription Value

While we believe lasting positive change is priceless, Your Amazing Box’s Core Life Tool and Healthy Lifestyle Products are altogether valued at about $100 per box retail, depending on the month’s contents. Group online coaching, with community support and live-sessions, averages $100-$200/month, depending on the level of service. Our program is comprehensive.

In summary, you get up to $300 worth of services and artisan products for $44.99 with a subscription to Your Amazing Box!

Andy you get up to $225 worth of tools and services for $23.99 with a subscription to the Amazing Essentials!


We source the artisan healthy lifestyle products in bulk at discount, meaning we get to pass the discount on to you. And, because we deliver our own coaching service and create our own Core Life Tools, we control our own costs and can distribute from our own facility, without the overhead many big subscription box companies have.


It’s our belief that mental and physical health betterment should be accessible to everyone and sustainable. We also have the resources and setup to provide you with quality support while keeping this box affordable. Therefore, we keep the price approachable.

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