Amazing Affirmation Cards
Amazing Affirmation Cards
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Amazing Affirmation Cards

Amazing Affirmation Cards

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You're Amazing!  

Do you believe that?  Imagine how different your life would be if you did!  Unlock your full potential and live your best life.  Our affirmations will inspire you to believe in yourself like you never have before, so you can achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals!

  • Each of your 54 unique cards has an Affirmation and a Manifesting Statement.
  • Read a different card every day - and feel incredible about yourself and your life!
  • Spend 10 seconds a day praising yourself - and feel Amazing!  What a great investment!
  • Mix them up!  Post them around the house!  Whatever you do, just be sure to use them every day!
  • For more on the totally incredible power of affirmations, check out these great posts from the Amazing Blog:
    • My Affirmations Journey
    • 5 Shocking Benefits of Affirmations  (Spoiler:  Here are 5 shocking benefits of doing Affirmations on a regular basis - but you should really read the whole post, it's fascinating!):
      • Increases Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence!
      • Improves Your Health!
      • Makes You More Tolerant!
      • Increases Resilience!
      • Changes Your Brain (seriously - studies have shown that this simple practice can actually change how your brain works in a good way)!

Remember - You're ALREADY Amazing.  It's time you knew that too! 

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