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#1 Daily Journal Subscription

We want EVERYONE'S world to be Amazing!  So we created a daily journal subscription for mental and physical health, delivered monthly. It includes online coaching, community support and exclusive custom blog content. You get the essential tools you need to build your Amazing Life, Community and World––at an affordable price (under $25)!

~Shame-Free. Body Positive. Gender Neutral.~

Benefits of Amazing Essentials?

  • Experience LASTING positive life changes
  • Feel confident in your mind and body
  • Align with what your soul desires
  • Strengthen your relationships

What's Included in this Journal Subscription?

  • Core Life Tool (Bullet Journal and Planner, Health Tracker or Prompted Journal)
  • Private Facebook Community (Exclusively for Subscribers)
  • Live Online Group Coaching & Support
  • Exclusive Members-Only Blog Access

Health Trackers, Journals & Planners

Our health habit trackers, journals and planners are Life Tools developed specially to support and foster sustainable self-growth. Each book covers 3 months and selection rotates monthly. These are unique and custom hardcover daily guides.

Health Tracker

Daily tracking with weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. Track all the major components and factors to optimal health. Helps you log your habits to spot patterns and improve your health!

  • Food tracking (no calorie counting!)
  • Beverage tracking
  • Water tracking
  • Symptoms and improvements
  • Bowel movements tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Environmental changes
  • Eating schedule
  • Supplement and/or medication tracking

Plus...Daily gratitude & affirmation!

Prompted Journal

Completely customized journal with unique daily prompts, affirmations and more. Reflect on your habits, day-to-day activities and lifestyle to ultimately create the life you want!

Bullet Journal and Planner

Detailed, dated planner for organizing and prioritizing life goals in order to stay on track. Includes a bullet journal feature! Improve your everyday productivity and track daily progress.

Online Coaching

Group coaching in a private Facebook community. Post & answer questions and receive regular input and moderation from coach Cassie. A safe space to express your thoughts and feelings!

Customer Reviews

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The Accountability is EVERYTHING!!!
You're so very welcome!! This is really what Your Amazing World is all about - no shame, no judgment - just positive, healthy results that make you feel good about yourself. Thanks so much for sharing!
Game Changing Tools!
It always makes us so happy to hear how people are getting real, meaningful value from the Amazing World life-tools! Thanks so much for this review!