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The #1 Wellness Subscription Box for Self-Improvement

Your Amazing Box is a wellness subscription box that helps you create a truly amazing world for yourself by focusing on an effective approach to holistic self-improvement.  As we all know, products themselves cannot build an amazing life for you––although they can have a role to play.  Your Amazing Box focuses on the mind, body and soul, with life-tools, support, coaching and products that support you on your wellness journey.

~Shame-Free. Body Positive. Gender Neutral.~

Benefits of Your Amazing Box

  • Experience LASTING positive life changes
  • Feel confident in your mind and body
  • Align with what your soul desires
  • Strengthen your relationships

Not Just Another Self-Care Subscription Box

Think of Your Amazing Box as a wellness toolbox that is designed to meet you exactly where you are on your mental and physical wellness journey. It’s a subscription service that isn’t just some consumables you get once a month––you get ongoing live coaching, support tools and access to a like-minded community of real people who are also focused on self-improvement! 

What’s in this Wellness Subscription Box?

Core Life Tool

When you subscribe to Your Amazing Box, each month you'll receive a Core Life Tool to emphasize one pillar of holistic self-improvement: Mind, Body or Soul. It’s either a custom daily hardcover journal, planner or health tracker tied to each month’s theme.

Live Wellness Support

You'll also receive live group coaching, community support and encouragement from fellow subscribers and the Amazing World team throughout the month. This way, you make the most of your subscription service and connect with real people who help you reach your goals. 

Members-Only Blog Access

With Your Amazing Box, you get exclusive access to a members-only blog. The blog includes special wellness tips, advice, articles and eBooks customized to reflect the personal struggles, thoughts and questions discussed in your online group coaching sessions.

These are the Amazing Essentials, and as an Amazing Box subscriber, you also get...

Healthy Lifestyle Products

Each box also contains carefully chosen 5-6 products to support you in focusing on each month’s theme. We strive to ensure they meet these criteria: eco-friendly, cruelty-free, sustainable, recyclable, organic and humanely-sourced from our local region.

Amazing Box Testimonials

"I’ve been using the heath tracker journal for about a week now and I love it SO MUCH! Prior to this I was doing a version of my own in my personal journal but having a cohesive journal to use is a game changer! I love that it helps me track positive and negative impacts, I never thought of doing that before. I used to just count calories and water intake but this journal makes it so much easier to see how my day to day life and my body are impacted by my habits. I’m looking forward to getting deeper into this journey, I just saw the positive affirmations cards and I want them!! Thank you!!"

- Sarah A.

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This is what I really need for a self-care!
We're happy to hear that you are happy with your box and feel confident that it will help make your world amazing! We believe in you and are here to help!
Love my Sub!
We're so happy to hear you love your Amazing Box! Thanks for sharing and recommending!
What a fabulous and motiviating gift idea!
You ARE Amazing! Thanks for the kind review and so glad you're enjoying your box!
A truly refreshing box!
Thanks for the kind words! We're so happy to hear you're benefiting from your box.
Motivation & Inspiration In A Box
We're so happy that your Amazing Box is providing so much value to you! Thanks for sharing!